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Today’s Savior: The Baby Swing

Having a newborn baby coupled with being a single parent isn’t easy.  I’ve found myself asking the baby why he won’t sleep, if he has gas, and so on.  My oldest has been my savior since the day I brought him home, but he tires of guessing what the baby wants as well.

I bought the baby swing a few months before he was born, bought batteries a week after he was born, but the day I decided to put him in there, it just looked like it was swinging too fast for a newborn.  Then I decided I’d try the bouncer.  He’d sit in it for a few minutes only to begin crying again.

I was almost at my wits end today when I decided to try the swing again.  I put him in there and he just looked around, but stayed quiet.  Next thing I know, he was sleeping (like a baby lol).  It was at that time that I decided that maybe, just maybe I was being a little over protective.  I left him in there and was able to get some chores done.

An hour later and he is still in there and I still have my sanity.  Wish I would have realized this a week ago or even this morning, when I was trying to sleep and he decided that it was not time to sleep 🙂

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